There are plenty of moments where you thought about vacationing, but you couldn’t find the right person from to accompany you. There were a list of old friends that you never kept in touch with or only saw at your class reunion. You thought that if you joined a committee at the local art museum that you would find someone to spend time with you. The only wanted result you had was needing a new friendship.

There were certain circumstances that make you feel slightly hesitant when talking to other people. You are not quite sure if it is because of your age or the fact that you love to talk about politics.

Whenever you talk to your own family about it, they do not understand exactly what you mean. All of a sudden, you had this bright idea that will lead you to the right companion. There is a Las Vegas trip coming up for you, and you will need that new friend to be with you for conversation. And without a second thought, you found a companion that was willing to travel with you. It was a new start in your life, and you wanted to share all of your thoughts about traveling all at one time. Because of feeling rushed in retirement, you didn’t want to scare your new friend with the horror stories from your past employment. You were glad that companion agreed to walk with you, dine with you, and shop for souvenirs.

The biggest part of the trip for you was finally having a friend to go to the casino with and have a few cocktails. It makes you feel rather charming to order a drink for your companion. After you decided to give the slot machines a break, you wanted to stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard to see how natives like to live around each other. It was the best moment you have had in quite a while. There was a shopping mart right below the casino. You thought it was impressive to have a mall underground. The first glance you had was at a gray pinstriped suit. That was your choice. Luckily, you were able to find some nice casual shoes to match your new suit. For a surprise, your friend bought a dress to match your pin stripes in your new outfit. You were happy and thrilled all in one moment.