You are newly retired, and it is either going to make you feel wonderful or awful. The reason why you felt this way is because of working for 25 years at the same company. You were used to talking to the same people and making the same lunch orders every week.

Finally, it was your chance to move on. You decided to have a nice attitude about it, because you didn’t want to think about being forced to retire. The company you worked for decided to branch into other places that you were not willing to relocate to. You found yourself talking to your companion¬†and asking for advice on traveling. It was such a great conversation that you continued to talk while having cocktails. It was a pleasant getaway.

The next step was more shopping. It seemed to be a good way to have fun and try on new outfits. You didn’t want to call your new friend a date. It was more than that to you. The only thing you could think of was how thankful you were to talk and relax. The casino brought out the best laughs that you seemed to need. It was the place for dancing and more conversation as you returned to those slot machines.

You finally hit the jackpot and won $15,000. It was unexpected, but your companion cheered you on as you took you picture with the owner of the casino. You finally had to admit that you were having the time of your life. It was all because you followed your instinct and found that new friend that you needed. It was right on time. Your friend talked about how lucky you were to win the jackpot. It felt like mental therapy for you. The news you heard before didn’t even matter anymore. It was all about having fun. You knew that you deserved ever moment of it.