After going back to your rooms and taking a nap, you decided to meet your companion downstairs. It was a park across the street. You saw dog owners walking their pets and children playing on the swings. It seemed to be a nice suggestion. Your companion gladly walked with you and thought that swinging was nice too. It reminded her of her own childhood. You both had that in common.

Your companion was once a stranger. Now, you have the new friend that you feel you needed in your life. The one-on-one time was great to you. There were moments where you were silent. You wanted to look around to see other people enjoying themselves. In fact, it was amazing. This time made you think of your class reunion coming up in the fall. It was an opportunity that you did not want to miss. You realized that your companion might be free for that day. You asked and with a surprise you heard the yes that you wanted to hear. That was your next mission.

Now, you could show up to the reunion with someone that is attractive and knows how to be classy at the same time. For another surprise, you wanted your companion to feel comfortable. You took her in a limousine and traveled to the next street over to shop for gifts. It was pleasant to know that she didn’t want any of your winnings. She only wanted a magnet for her refrigerator at home. That’s exactly what she picked up. You bought a t-shirt and a hat. You wanted to head to lunch at a new restaurant. It was the perfect retreat after gambling the nights before. You both decided to stop and eat cuisines that you normally don’t purchase. The food was delicious, and the laughs are even better.

As a result of your outing, you felt great after talking and mingling with your companion. You know that you can count on that call once a week. She didn’t rush you, but she did want you to keep in touch with her. At the airport, you both decided to hug and fly to your destinations. On the flight, you thought about calling her from your cellular phone. With all the excitement in the air about winning, you decided to wait until you got home. To your surprise, you had a message from your companion making sure that you had no trouble finding your flight and returning home. You smiled and walked into your bedroom to sit on your bed. You knew you could call her back at anytime. This gave you the greatest feeling ever.